asset management – text in 3d blue glass cubes with white letters business financial operation concept



DESCRIPTION: Epson brand, EX7210 model, Serial # 1244062395349, first manufactured in 2011, one spare bulb, no screen. Features:

  • IMAGE: Very bright, max resolution is Widescreen HD (AKA WXGA, 1280×800).
  • INPUTS: HDMI / VGA / RCA / USB (for viewing photos only, not PowerPoint file).
  • OPTICS: Focus, zoom and angled view so can project squarish image from side.
  • SPEAKER: Internal small and small headphone jack to connect external powered speakers.
  • REMOTE: Includes laser pointer.

CUSTODIAN: Ed Wojczynski @ 20221118

Laptop Remote/Laser Pen & HDMI Cable

DESCRIPTION: Two LNKOO brand USB-wireless pen shaped remote presenter with laser pointer, uses 1 AAA battery, bought Mar 2018 & Mar 2019.

FOR: Remote advance forward/back slides and laser pointer to highlight.

DESCRIPTION: Two AmazonBasics brand 25′ heavy duty HDMI cable, bought Mar 2018 & Mar 2019.

FOR: Enable podium with laptop to be significantly removed from screen to enable better viewing by attendees.


  1. Ed Wojczynski @ 20221118
  2. ???


Extra-Large Pull-Up Banner

DESCRIPTION: Floor standing 34 x 81″ with storage bag.

FOR: Signage at Luncheons or other events.

CUSTODIAN #1 (Bought Feb-2019): Rick Cyr @ 20220618.

CUSTODIAN #2 (Bought Dec-2022): Ed Wojczynski @ 20221214.


  1. Remove from black carrying bag.
  2. Remove poles from side of unit.
  3. Place base on ground with stabilizer feet perpendicular.
  4. Connect poles and place in base.
  5. Pull banner up and attach to top of pole.


  1. Carefully unclip banner from top of pole, allow base to retract banner slowly.
  2. Remove and collapse poles.
  3. Pickup base and turn feet to horizonal.
  4. Place poles in side of unit and place in carrying bag.

Medium Pull-Up Banner

DESCRIPTION: Three, table top 11.5 x 18″, no storage bag.

FOR: Signage at Luncheons or other events.

CUSTODIAN #1 (Bought Apr-2019): Ed Wojczynski @ 20221118

CUSTODIAN #2 (Bought Apr-2019): Ed Wojczynski @ 20221118

CUSTODIAN #3 (Bought Sep-2019): John Pierce @ 20220916

Large Banner

DESCRIPTION: Two 2.5′ x 6′ outdoor vinyl banners each with 4 corner grommets and rope, bought Mar 2019.

FOR: Signage at Luncheons or other events.


  1. Tom Glenn @ 20220620
  2. ???

Podium Banner

DESCRIPTION: Two vinyl vertical banners bought Feb 2019. Each with 4 grommets and top rope.

FOR: Make speaker’s podiums more professional.


  1. 18×30″: Tom Glenn @ 20220620
  2. 24×36″: ???

Yard Sign With Stand

DESCRIPTION: Two outdoor double sided 18″ x 27″ corrugated plastic signs and two stands, bought Feb 2019.

FOR: Garden signage to events, ie Golf Tournament, Bridge Tournament.


  1. Orlie Reese @ 20220916
  2. ???