The lunches provide an informal atmosphere to meet other VRMNC Members and discuss a variety of topics.

We have on average 18 Members attend each event.

New Pub goers are welcome!


John Pierce

  • Email
  • Mobile iPhone: 250-217-9447


Various Pubs around Greater Victoria CRD.


Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, normally at 11:30am.


Open to all VRMNC Members and guests who may be interested in joining the club.

If joining please contact Activity Coordinator who can provide additional information.


$$ for normally individual checks.

Note: Pub may charge fixed tip for large group.

More Info

See our Calendar and watch for announcements in News and via emailed Newsletters.

20190905 VMNC Pub Lunch - Sticky Wicket
20190905 VMNC Pub Lunch - Big Bad Johns, Bar
20190801 VMNC Pub Lunch - Ma Millers Pub, Outside New
20190606 VMNC Pub Lunch - The Snug Pub, Oak Bay Hotel
20181206 VMNC Pub Lunch - Irish TImes, Outside
20181206 VMNC Pub Lunch - Irish TImes, Inside
201902 VMNC Pub Lunch - Maude Hunter, Taps
20180418 VMNC Pub Lunch - Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant, Bar
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