The Club sponsors several special get-togethers during the year, some annual, others ad-hoc.


Event Specific


Depends on Special Event, each location is different.


Open to all VRMNC Members, some events include partners some include guests.


Varies depending on event.

More Info

See our Calendar and watch for announcements in News and via emailed Newsletters.

20200806 VRMNC Annual 18-Hole Golf Tournament, Awards
20200806 VRMNC Annual 18-Hole Golf Tournament, Winners
20200204 VMNC Special Event - Chinese New Year Banquet
20190629 VMNC Special Event - Annual Bridge Tournament
201907 VMNC Special Event - Golf Therapy Day
20190414 VMNC Special Event - Sikh New Banquet, Overview
20180625 06 VMNC 2nd Annual Social Bridge Tournament, First & Second Awardees
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