Beginners are welcome but some knowledge of the game and playing experience are required. We, in general, follow Standard American bidding conventions and ACBL contract bridge rules. That said, the emphasis is on fellowship and fun, not competition. Currently there are four groups.

Each group consists of a core group of 8 to 10 players who meet on a regular schedule. Frequently core group players are not able to play on a given night so a list of spares is maintained for all groups and players to call upon. This gives spares many opportunities to play and to get to know other VRMNC Members.

Anyone interested in playing in a social context is encouraged to put their name forward for the spares list. Please contact Bob Macdonald, Coordinator of Group C, to have your name added or to obtain more information about our bridge groups


Keith Beange

  • Mobile 514-865-2299


Regular players host on Zoom or at their homes on a rotational basis.


Most groups play weekly, some stop for summer.


Open to all VRMNC Members. VRMNC Members wishing to play should join the spares list for opportunities to play and be positioned to join a group on a regular basis when vacancies arise.


There are no fees to play but many groups have a $1 ante to play each evening. The proceeds are divided amongst the top two and the lowest player of the evening. The host supplies the cards, beverages and snacks.

More Info

See our Calendar and watch for announcements in News and via emailed Newsletters.

20180625 04 VMNC 2nd Annual Social Bridge Tournament, Game Time
20180625 03 VMNC 2nd Annual Social Bridge Tournament, Awards
20180625 06 VMNC 2nd Annual Social Bridge Tournament, First & Second Awardees
20180625 01 VMNC 2nd Annual Social Bridge Tournament - Social
20170626 03 Bridge Tournament
20170626 02 Bridge Tournament
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