In July 18 2020 VRMNC Executive Meeting it was approved to purchase one year’s annual account for popular Zoom Videoconference. The following User Guide is for users of Zoom Videoconference:

What Is It

  • is a provider of simple to use multi-user, multi-platform (ie SmartPhone, Tablet, or Computer) Videoconferencing software.
  • VRMNC uses Zoom for Real Money Group, Bridge Games, Investment Interest Group, Executive Meetings, and others.

How Does it Work

  • Videconferences are driven by’s server versus from a meeting host’s device, thus ensuring most robust service.
  • The software uses your device’s front camera (for video of you), your microphone, and speakers (or headphones).
  • Videoconferences are scheduled by a Host who has right’s to Mute All etc and is attended by Participants who have rights to mute their microphone, turn their camera off, share their screen etc.

Setup – Participants

  • Need to install small software the first time they attend a videoconference, but do not need a account to attend a Videoconference (best practice is to set up an account to enable more features).
  • The first time you click on a Zoom Videoconference link, Zoom will ask you to install their small software first, please do so.
  • It is recommended that you install the software and test your connection before a meeting.

Setup – Hosts

  • Also need to install Zoom’s software, and need to contact to schedule (& avoid conflict) their Videoconference and get User ID & Password.

Using Zoom – Participants

  • JOINING MEETING: Just click on the Meeting’s link supplied by the Host to start the Videoconference.
  • ON SCREEN MENU: Move mouse/touch screen to show on-screen-menu (at top and bottom for desktop/laptop users, at top four tablet users).
  • VIEW BUTTON: Choose between only Speaker or Gallery view of all Participants (top right on desktop/laptop, left for tablets).
  • MICROPHONE BUTTON: Enable/disable your devices microphone. (Note: Use your devices volume control to manage your sound volume). Click on up arrow beside Microphone button to display menu to ie change Microphone or Speaker source, or test Microphone level.
  • VIDEO BUTTON: Toggle your camera on/off.
  • PARTICIPANTS BUTTON: Pop up a list of participants, hover mouse over a person’s name to open menu on them, then choose Chat just to send them a Chat.
  • CHAT BUTTON: Pop up listing any prior Chats (ie texts, links to website, files) and at bottom of pop up an area for user to type a Chat. Note: Default at start of meeting is to send to Everyone (unless changed by Host), you can switch where to send your Chat to just one person. Alternately, click on a users image and click on menu button and choose Chat to just send to them.
  • SHARE SCREEN BUTTON: Choose a Window to display something from your device, ie photo or presentation. (Note: You should prepare what you want to Share in advance ie make a photo full screen).
  • END BUTTON: End your participation in meeting (or just close the window/app).

Using Zoom – Host(s)

  • MUTING: While most Participants while when asked Mute themselves during a presentation, some won’t or don’t know how resulting in disruption to meeting from background noise or image changing from wanted speaker. Two options, click on Participants then 1) Mute the offending person, or alternately 2) click on Mute All then un-Mute the presenter.
  • SPOTLIGHT: Zoom used to allow only Speaker or Gallery or Share Screen views. In 2021 Zoom added a feature called Spotlight that allows you to keep the image fixed on just that person, (versus bouncing back and forth to a Participant who is asking a question).


  • Mute your microphone when not speaking as smallest sound transmits well, and interrupts the discussion.
  • If temporarily leaving meeting, don’t just get up and leave (as rude to presenter), instead turn your camera’s video off.